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Become a Trusted Advisor with Strategic Client Meetings


As client meetings are not strategic, clients do not see the real value of your progressive services...which is bad for business

This guide is about what causes mediocre client meetings and what you can do to eliminate it

  • Engage Executives: How to provide the value your executives are looking for.
  • Generate More Revenue: How to design exciting IT project opportunities and close them quickly.
  • Do More in Less Time: How to prepare, run and manage high-value business meetings



Part I - Strategic Foundations: Lay down the foundations of strategic client conversations

  • 1. Strategic Client Roles

  • 2. Strategic Client Segments

  • 3. Strategic Client Playbooks


Part II - Strategic Conversations: Lead Strategic Conversations to make Strategic Decisions

  • 1. Strategic QBRs

  • 2. Strategic Audits

  • 3. Strategic Workshops


Part III - Strategic Decisions: Client’s Strategic Decisions lead you to Become a High-Value Strategic Partner

  • 1. Strategic IT Roadmaps

  • 2. Strategic IT Services

  • 3. Strategic IT Budgets


Generate IT Project Revenues and nurture healthy client engagement with Strategic Client Meetings.

  • Step 1. Download the 60-page guide

  • Step 2. Access the bonus content through 9 educational emails

  • Step 3. Generate IT project revenues in your next client meeting by becoming more strategic

Download the Humanize IT Growth Guide