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QBR Discussion Points Checklist

All of your clients are 100% aligned and engaged?



Making sure each of your clients is aligned with your services is critical. Misalignment leads to all sorts of problems such as communication breakdown, increase of technology debt, frustration and overwork of your team or even losing the revenue.

The single most important cause of misalignment is a communication issue. Fixing this requires identification of all potential misalignment opportunities with clients AND regular discussion points to make sure issues are not festering.

The QBR Discussion Points PDF identifies 28 topics with clients to prevent misalignment and enhance client engagement.

  1. Identify hotspots with clients and prioritize discussion points for your next meeting
  2. Communicate effectively with client executives, office managers and technical people
  3. Get more productive Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) with objectives, agendas and better engagement

The more discussion points you cover with them over the year, the less misalignment you will have with them. This builds an efficient, profitable and scalable service business.


When to use the checklist?

  • When preparing for a client meeting
  • When reviewing clients internally


How to use the Checklist?

  • Use it as a list of topics to plan the agenda of your next QBR
  • Share it with a client as recommended discussion points topics through the year



Download the QBR Discussion Points Checklist