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Why your QBRs are costing you customers FREE seminar


Wed Sep 11th 6:00pm EDT / 3:00pm PDT



You don’t know what you don’t know. What we have found while coaching MSPs is many do not understand how poorly they are performing. We have seen seemingly great clients suddenly walk away from their MSP for greener pastures. In this blog we discuss what is missing and how you can change the narrative. Do you want to be the MSP clients switch FROM or do you want to be the MSP clients switch TO.



  • An annual framework for delivery where you have created a relationship with your client.
  • A continuous feedback loop for business objectives.
  • Give your staff the confidence to lead non-technical conversations.


Your vCIO expert Guide - Adam Walter

adam-walterAdam has witnessed too bad QBRs….. And felt this is what he can help with...

He trained and craftedeated materials for MSPs around the world to deliver engaging & strategic sessions.make delivery it better

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Wed Sep 11th 6:00pm EDT / 3:00pm PDT