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Upcoming Dates

  1. Oct 31, 10:00 AM EDT / 7:00 AM PDT (Europe & the East Coast of America)
  2. Nov 19, 05:00 PM EDT / 02:00 PM PDT (West Coast of America, New Zealand & Australia)
  3. Dec 12, 10:00 AM EDT / 7:00 AM PDT (Europe & the East Coast of America)



Do these statements sound familiar?

  • Your clients don't care about overly technical reports so they avoid the meeting
  • There's too much information coming out of too many systems and putting it together takes too long.
  • A "one size fits all" QBR leads to over or underwhelmed clients and missed opportunities.
  • Lack of standards adoptions causes "ticket noise" that hurts both your clients and your service desk productivity.
  • Without a clear project roadmap, ad-hoc technology recommendations feel like a sales pitch.



  • Understand how to create a scripted client review that allow you to ask question
  • Understand how to take notes and involve your clients in the technology review process
  • Understand how to show your clients overall technology as a health score
  • Understand how to show progress over time from one review to the next to reinforce the value of the work you deliver


Your Managed Services Platform Expert Guide: Denes Purnhauser

denes_faceshot_1Denes gown his MSP from 5 people to 17 staff in less than a year by implementing business problem focused sales process with vCIO. He has been transformed the client engagement processes of hundreds of MSPs.

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