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QBR Annual Playbook

Are you a time-crunched Account Manager?



The Quarterly Business Reviews are getting complex, your audience is losing its attention span and the need for solid decisions just gets more critical. Even the best account managers have only 24 hours a day to fit everything in. How can you even scratch the surface of all the required decisions, plans and touchpoints?


One solution for solving this problem is to spread the topics you have to communicate with the audience over a year. After working with small, medium and large MSPs we’ve developed a QBR Annual Playbook. This playbook defines four main topics with a client the account manager has to focus on:

  1. IT Infrastructure
  2. Cybersecurity
  3. Cloud
  4. IT Strategy


The 4th tool of the QBR Toolkit is the “QBR Annual Playbook”. It’s a simple checklist listing all the needed activities on the different topics over the 4 specific QBRs. This helps you to plan your year ahead, communicate with clients and get your sanity back.


When to use the playbook

  • When planning the annual meetings and QBRs
  • When reviewing clients internally


How to use the playbook

  • As a list of topics to plan over the year
  • Shared with a client as a recommended playbook for a year



Download the  QBR Annual Playbook