Make sure your IT operations can support safe reopening


Your Challenge

Having shifted operations almost overnight to a remote work environment, and with the crisis management phase of the COVID-19 pandemic winding down, IT leaders and organizations are faced with the following issues:

  • A reduced degree of control with respect to the organization’s assets.
  • Increased presence of unapproved workaround methods, including applications and devices not secured by the organization.
  • Pressure to resume operations at pre-pandemic cadence while still operating in recovery mode.
  • An anticipated game plan for restarting the organization’s project activities.


Our Advice

Critical Insight

An organization’s shift back toward the pre-pandemic state cannot be carried out in isolation. Things have changed. Budgets, resource availability, priorities, etc., will not be the same as they were in early March. Organizations must ensure that all departments work collaboratively to support office repatriation. IT must quickly identify the must-dos to allow safe return to the office, while prioritizing tasks relating to the repopulation of employees, technical assets, and operational workloads via an informed and streamlined roadmap.

As employees return to the office, PMO and portfolio leaders must sift through unclear requirements and come up with a game plan to resume project activities mid-pandemic. You need to develop an approach, and fast.


Impact and Result

Responsibly resume IT operations in the office:

  • Evaluate risk tolerance
  • Prepare to repatriate people to the office
  • Prepare to repatriate assets to the office
  • Prepare to repatriate workloads to the office
  • Prioritize your tasks and build your roadmap


Quickly restart the engine of your PPM:

  • Restarting the engine of the project portfolio won’t be as simple as turning a key and hitting the gas. The right path forward will differ for every project portfolio practice.
  • Therefore, in this publication we put forth a multi-pass approach that PMO and portfolio managers can follow depending on their unique situations and needs.
  • Each approach is accompanied by a checklist and recommendations for next steps to get you on right path fast.




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