Responsibly Resume IT Operations in the Office

WED MAY 27, 1:15 PM EDT / 10:15 AM PDT

Info-Tech Research Group Webinar




An organization’s shift back toward the pre-pandemic state cannot be carried out in isolation. Things have changed. Budgets, resource availability, priorities, etc., will not be the same as they were in early March. Organizations must ensure that all departments work collaboratively to support office repatriation.

IT must quickly identify the must-dos to allow a safe return to the office while prioritizing tasks relating to the repopulation of employees, technical assets, and operational workloads via an informed and streamlined roadmap.

Join us for this webinar, which will explore how to:

  • Identify tasks associated with repatriating people, assets, and workloads.
  • Build a roadmap for safe reopening of your offices.
  • Quickly develop an approach to resume project activities.

Featured Speakers

  • John Annand - Research Director, Info-Tech Research Group
  • Cassandra Cooper - Senior Research Analyst, Info-Tech Research Group
  • Sandi Conrad - Practice Lead, Info-Tech Research Group
  • Aaron Shum, Practice Lead, Info-Tech Research Group



MAY 27 - 1:15 PM EDT / 10:15 AM PDT