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How to get your best practices and technology stack adopted by your clients FREE seminar


Wed Jul 10th  7:00pm EDT / 4:00pm PDT



The scope of the technical resources available to business’ today has expanded greatly. How can you consistently check to see if they have the resources they need? Can you support what they have? How do fill the gaps and keep clients focused on managing their entire technology portfolio? You need a consistent and repeatable technology audit that clearly identify gaps and track progress.​

Learn how to create a custom technology stack audit to better track and manage your clients' infrastructure while generating more revenue and increasing your service profit margin.



  • Understanding the principals of the Stack Audit
  • How to deliver the report
  • Customizing the report
  • Customizing the agenda
  • Aligning the Service Projects
  • Full scale deployment


Your Expert Guide: Adam Walter

adam-walterAdam Walter has been working as a CIO for years in shaping the client’s perception of how IT can be a competitive advantage rather than a cost center. He’s discovered that technical presentations are not effective in building business relationships, but business conversations are.



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Wed Jul 10th 

7:00pm EDT / 4:00pm PDT