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Framework for Successful Differentiation With Scalable vCIO Services

You have a problem.  You have a great team of engineers however know you are falling behind by not having a vCIO program and you are hemorrhaging cash as projects are forgotten and clients leave for more progressive MSPs.  You also don't have the time to hire new staff and implement yet another thing at your MSP.  

Now, imagine if you did not have to hire any additional personnel to have a world-class vCIO framework.

Imagine that implementing this vCIO framework was easy and could be delivered today.

Finally, imagine if you had a vCIO framework that would drive project sales, increase client stickiness, and increase perceived value.

Next level technical support isn't in the cloud, or new hires, it is with us having more human conversations talking through how to help each other. It also isn't about hiring expensive employees, it is about creating a sustainable framework that achieves your goals. That is where the Humanize IT framework comes in.


Take 1 minute, download the Humanize IT framework handout to enroll in the free vCIO weekly course. Imagine if your MSP looked like this... tomorrow. Be part of the next level IT movement. Be part of the HIT community.

We have not only offer an impressive set of marketing collateral but a complete vCIO Framework for developing, marketing and delivering relevant and scalable vCIO services.

Many managed services providers are struggling to launch their program because of its nebulous nature. There are no clearly defined deliverables to help clients feel the confidence in the system they need.

  • IT Sales Staff don't know how to pitch it

  • vCIOs don't know how to engage

  • Percieved value is unclear to clients

  • The process to implement vCIO is overly complex and expensive.

Even if you do this all yourself we have found that it takes MSPs 6-18 months to create their own processes!

Our Humanize IT framework was built by MSPs for MSPs. The community of members is constantly providing feedback while we improve the ready to deliver tools. We don't just stop there, we offer webinars, 1:1 sessions, and advisory services included in the subscription!



By downloading the pdf you will be enrolled in our 10-week email course on how to build a successful program. This means 1 email a week that will contain a lesson with video education, on-demand webinars and free tools to kick off your vCIO program's success. There is even a weekly action item so that you can apply each lesson with clients immediately!

In Part I. you will receive 1 email weekly guiding you through the foundations of strategic vCIO interactions and meetings:

  1. How to make client meetings dynamic, interactive and strategic
  2. What is the most important tool for a vCIO (you will never guess this one)
  3. How to Run a Strategy Workshop
  4. How to Run a Quarterly Business Review Meeting (free tool + webinar)
  5. How to turn Technology Topics into Business Conversations

In Part II. You will learn tips on how to design a scalable vCIO Program

  1. 3 critical steps to Scale vCIO
  2. Picking your first 3 clients (worksheet + on-demand webinar)
  3. The importance of cadence
  4. Delegate!
  5. Creating a Framework vs a Process

Download the Guide

By clicking "Download Now" you will be sent a free marketing collateral PDF and be enrolled in our free vCIO course. 1 lesson a week for 10 weeks.