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Differentiate your MSP with StoryBrand in 6 steps


You read the book “Building a StoryBrand” by Donald Miller and loved it! Now you want to implement his recommendations but don’t know where to start.



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Clarify your message with StoryBrand!

Is Confusing Marketing Costing You?

  • How many buyers don't understand why they need your product?
  • How many buyers refuse to meet with you or your sales team?
  • How many quarters have you missed your sales goals


By implementing StoryBrand, your marketing goes from sharing random information about your business to help people memorize your company’s message.



  • Introduction
  • Message
  • Wireframe
  • Calls to Action
  • Conversation Starter
  • Funnel
  • Value Stack
  • Wrap up...


Expert Guide - Russell Stalters


Russell Stalters has a unique perspective on marketing both as an IT service provider and an IT buyer/decision-maker. He struggled to get the attention of potential buyers as a software company president and was subjected to terrible marketing by MSPs trying to get his attention.

He has walked in your shoes and your client’s shoes. One reason he can help you is that he was who you are looking for and trying to get as a customer.

After discovering StoryBrand, he decided to become a Certified StoryBrand Guide and leverage his 20+ years of marketing, selling and buying IT solutions to help businesses clarify their marketing, so they communicate the problem they solve better and build trusted relationships with buyers.

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