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Critical QBR Client Role Mapping

Do you engage the proper people from your client’s organization?



When delivering QBRs the question comes fairly quickly: who is the right audience for the meetings? There is no short answer to this except: who is making the decision should be on the meeting. But that isn’t a big help if we do not know what decision makers we are talking about? Who is making a decision on a project, a purchase, investment, strategy, service or engagement? As these decisions are spread over the client on different people the QBRs needs to address these people accordingly.


The 5th tool of the QBR Toolkit is the “QBR Client Mapping Tool”. It’s a simple framework to make sure you can identify the different types of people in your client’s organization to engage


The tool provides you four areas of best practices:

  1. How to identify the individuals making strategic business decisions
  2. How to identify the individuals making strategic technology decisions
  3. How to identify the individuals making tactical business decisions
  4. How to identify the individuals making tactical technology decisions


When to use the checklist?

  • When preparing for a client meeting
  • When reviewing clients internally


How to use the Checklist?

  • Use it as a list of action items in your next QBR
  • Share it with a client as recommended process for delivering remote QBRs


Download the QBR Client Role Mapping Tool