COVID-19 Remote Work Readiness Assessment

Show Leadership with Technology in a difficult time

Demonstrate clarity, leadership and professionalism with clear communication through the crisis when it matters most.

You will become a trusted authority who will bring calm and comfort to your overwhelmed clients with a COVID-19 Remote Work Readiness Audit & Roadmap and a COVID-19 Remote Work Readiness Self Assessment.

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Covid-19 Remote Work Readiness Assessment Tools

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You and your team are likely overwhelmed by the fact that your clients are looking for guidance, leadership, advice and quick fixes to enable them to work securely in a remote environment.
This is an opportunity for you to step up, to lead and engage your clients. You’ll either shine warmth, comfort your clients and show how well you prepared them for situations like this or make it clear what opportunities they missed and how to create a secure and remote work culture in their organization.

Remote Work Readiness Audit and Roadmap

Audit clients, show them a score with a breakdown followed by an action plan.
  1. Communicate good/bad news clearly, based on facts 

  2. Get alignment on what needs to be done and set priorities

  3. Set up your team for successfully handling the workload

Completion time around 15-20 minutes per client, produces a report supporting a remote meeting.

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who are prepared

Your goal is to make sure you comfort the client’s various stakeholders. They will then be able to spread the information internally that their service provider has made all necessary preparations to let them work remotely. This is your chance to engage them and demonstrate all the little pieces needed to get together for this experience. 

who are not prepared

Your goal is to clear the action items and be able to remediate the issues as soon as possible. You can install Slack quickly, but they have to learn to work in a remote collaborative environment. Your duty is to communicate and set proper expectations and a timeline with them.

who are open for a talk

Your goal is to engender some opportunities and there is a chance some churned clients now would value your work again, or net-new prospects can be found.  The assessments can help you to gauge them and to compare their scores with your clients’ scores to show the added value your services provide.

Remote Work Readiness Self Assessment

This is a web-based mini-survey with automated scoring and PDF report generation.
  1. Assess many individuals and clients easily (even prospects through social media)

  2. Generate educational content related to their situation quickly

  3. Set yourself up for success and automate low-touch communication

Completion by your clients and prospects in 2-3 minutes, produces as educational and scoring PDF. As this is an online survey you can put this onto your website with a lead magnet or post it to social media.


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3. Lead your Clients


Communicate based on facts, show beautiful reports and have all remediation plans at your fingertips.

Save Time, Communicate Clearly and Show Professionalism when it matters most

All you have to do is to lead your clients through the crisis