IT Consultative Sales Implementation Program

Orientation Meeting - 23 JULY | 6:00 PM EDT / 3:00 PM PDT


This unique guided implementation is a balanced mix of group coaching sessions, pre-built templates, on-demand education and specified homework.


The Program Outline:

  1. Prepare for a IT Sales Readiness - results are solid message and lead magnet on your website
    • Clarify Your Message Group Coaching
    • Generate Your Lead Magnet Group Coaching
  2. Kickstart a IT Sales Campaign - results are generated leads from your prospect list
    • Setup Your Outreach Campaign Group Coaching
  3. Prepare for the Sales Meetings - results are selling initial engagements for IT Strategy Development
    • Apply the Qualification Meeting Group Coaching
    • Apply the Strategy Workshop Group Coaching
    • Apply the Proposal Workshop Group Coaching
  4. Setup for Scale - result is a completed checklist to set up the process for successful scale
    • Certification Group Coaching



Implementing a unique message communicating your differentiation adds enormous economic value to your managed services provider that only appreciates with time. This investment in your MSP will get you return financially AND personally - you’ll love being confident that your lower priced competitors are not taking your deals away.

Group Coaching Implementation with templates and on-demand training $2,000 

Add-On 7 x 1-1 coaching sessions for $1,500



All participants receive a full money-back guarantee if they are not able to make sales over 90 days by following the process.



  1. Complete the application form on the page
  2. Participate on the Introductory / Orientation Meeting and get all your questions answered
  3. Make a decision and enroll in the program


Time commitment:

3 hours a week through 12 weeks

  • 90-minute group coaching sessions every other week
  • 90-minute on-demand educational videos every other week
  • 90-minute template customization every other week
  • 90-minute practice or application every other week


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