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Do these statements sound familiar?

  • Without a system to define the level of service you deliver to your clients, the noisy ones will demand more attention and the quiet ones will be ignored.
  • Without playbooks, crucial client meetings only happen when it is convenient, leading to missed opportunities and disengaged clients. QBRs will only happen once or twice a year.
  • If you don't proactively define your client engagement, they will only ever see you as tech support.
  • Ad-hoc meetings come across as either sales related or not important enough for the key stakeholders to attend.



  • Understand how to create your own Client Engagement Activities for playbooks
  • Understand how to have playbooks for every client segment and for sales and onboarding
  • Understand how to set a minimum target score to maintain for the segment to maintain engagement
  • Understand how to see a forecasted level of client engagement based on the seniority of the contacts who participate in the activities.
  • Understand how to see all of your Client Engagement Activities across all of your clients and account managers / vCIOs.
  • Understand what your team is doing and keep accountable to the playbooks and activities


Your Managed Services Platform Expert Guide: Denes Purnhauser

denes_faceshot_1Denes gown his MSP from 5 people to 17 staff in less than a year by implementing business problem focused sales process with vCIO. He has been transformed the client engagement processes of hundreds of MSPs.

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